The L&L Story

Once upon a time...
Lord Matcho was the inspiration behind the Lord & Lady Equestrian brand name.. he joined L&L founder Janines stables in October 2018, a big flashy powerful chestnut showjumper. The love Matcho has for himself is like no other, you couldn’t possibly tell him how great he is as he already knows this. He is the Lord, Janine is his Lady, the brand was born & the story began..
Making in Britain

When the L&L idea first came about in Spring 2018 it was founder Janines dream to create premium quality and comfortable show wear. A huge passion for showjumping since a very early age, Janine had predominantly struggled to find comfortable show shirts since returning to the ring. After discovering a wonderful fabric manufacturer in her home town of Nottingham late 2018 this is where Janine learnt so much about British Manufacturing and it’s sad demise. Leaving the factory feeling so inspired by what she had learnt and determined to support what was left of a fading industry lit the fire in the brands soul. From then on a second factory in Nottingham was discovered with the skills to make up the garments and in November 2019 the first products launched. Making in Britain became the real passion behind the brand and the secret to the phenomenal success that has followed since..
The hype is real

Shortly after the launch of the first product in 2019 there became an instant and huge love for the brand. The quality combined with comfort of our garments was unrivalled and you had to wear one to really believe it. Glowing reviews & recommendations created a wonderful hype and the hype really was real. Sales increased rapidly and demand grew and by spring 2020 amidst the beginnings of a global pandemic a mighty oak was already growing from a tiny acorn..

The passions behind the L&L brand are to produce garments of immense quality, offer ultimate comfort in competition clothing within the equestrian world and of course support a fading industry that is British manufacturing, but, the first love is the horse. Horses have always been founder Janine Donlans greatest love, every horse becomes a part of your equestrian journey and the L&L collections are all named after Janine’s horses past & present. Noutchka was the first collection to ever launch, the ultimate in a high performance garment ticking every box and fast becoming an iconic British collection of show shirts & baselayers. The real Noutchka and inspiration behind this collection is a 9yo showjumper with big beautiful eyes, a strong body, great booty and the most genuine soul. She is everything the Noutchka collection offers the rider - reliable, consistent, comfortable, practical but pretty and an absolute must have on the yard and in your show wardrobe..
Customer demand

2020 - As the love grew for the brand with that came customer demand. Our British factory became busier than it had been in many years and keeping up with the rapidly rising sales in such a short space of time became challenging. Developing new products was key to moving the brand forward, our design studio was looking like every equestrians dream wardrobe, breeches were next on our list to launch but with the pandemic causing mammoth problems and limited manufacturing skill remaining in Britain we had mountains to climb..

Chapter 6

As we neared the end of 2020 the pressure was really mounting to launch new products but development was so tough. We searched the country high and low for a silicone print factory to complete our riding tights and breeches with no luck, then by magic we had a lead and it felt like a lottery win.. but as quick as we were up, we were down! Our lead failed to come good as the factory like many others at that time struggled to battle their way through the pandemic and our winning lottery ticket was snatched away! We worked tirelessly for months but any which way we turned came another wall leaving us deflated and not knowing how to go forward.

We are a brand so passionate about what we do, we want to create the best in quality and our heart & soul lies with British manufacturing, we were always so sure we could do this but the light seemed to be fading. Overseas manufacturing could offer us both power & skill, was it something we should look at? Is it our only way forward? And here we reach our crossroads..

Chapter 7
To Turkey or Not to Turkey

With seemingly no way to develop and grow the brand on British soil, was our only opportunity to venture overseas? Our heart didn’t want to but our head felt otherwise so through a very good & trusted friend in business we explored the option of manufacturing in Turkey.. Turkey could offer us vast production power, speed with development and huge expansion of product but it would go against our core values and the reason we created the brand. We are passionate about supporting all thats British and we pride ourselves on premium quality fabrics, great workmanship, the perfect fit of our garments and following closely the production process every step of the way. So.. to Turkey or not to Turkey, that is the question?..